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Presenting the $3.9M Hideout of A Former Lehman Exec

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Like many other Wall Street execs, Erin Callan decided to list her Hamptons spread after the Lehman collapse. Only difference was Ms. Callan happened to be a freshly-appointed CFO of the now defunct investment bank. How annoying! Back then, Callan listed the place for $3.950, and then dropped it to $3.6 million before taking it off the market. (We don't blame her: she bought the home for $3.930 in 2005.) Since all of that, Callan has laid low in her unsellable East End getaway, allegedly "dating Queens firefighter Anthony Montella" along the way. But a recently filed lawsuit against Lehman inspired CNBC to totally blow her cover!

So how exactly did CNBC get inside Callan's cottage? Simple! Google her address, and pictures from Webshots show up, which were uploaded by the firefighter boyfriend himself. Fortunately, he knows a thing about putting out fires, and already deleted the pictures. But here they are:

· Inside Erin Callan's Hamptons Hideaway [CNBC]