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Jill Rappaport's Ex Wants A Chop of Her Water Mill Log Home

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[Photo credit: Architectural Digest]

The Post got its hands on a lawsuit filed by Richard Swift, the ex-fiancée of Jill Rappaport, a correspondent for the Today Show. And guess what? It's not pretty! The suit revolves around an 18-acre western-style log home that the couple built during their eight-year relationship. To construct the ranch, Swift chipped in $2.6 million for construction costs and Rappaport a whopping $142,500 for land. But now that the couple has split, Rappaport claims he gave her the house "as a gift" (Happy Valentine's Day! Have this house!), while Swift contends they owned the property together. Of course, Rappaport's "gift" angle may be difficult to prove because she told Architectural Digest that building the ranch "took every cent I had." That said, this lawsuit is definitely the Hamptons-equivalent of a western-style shootout.
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