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East End Thinks About Easing Zoning Laws for Farmers

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Zoning laws: they can be annoying! Especially when you're a cash-strapped farmer running a time-sensitive operation. And to that end, the East Hampton Star reports that a councilwoman has proposed a new piece of legislation, which

would eliminate planning board review of structures on farmland and authorize the town building inspector to approve farming site plans, requiring him or her to act on applications within 15 days of their receipt. It would dispense with the requirement to submit a survey, allowing only a sketch of the proposed building to suffice, and increase the maximum allowable size of farm stands from 200 to 500 square feet. So it'll no doubt be easier for farmers to build greenhouses and stuff, but is this exemption fair? Asks one citizen, "Since when does a town change the zoning laws because an applicant doesn't like them?" And there's also the issue of unattractive farm buildings sprouting up faster than this season's crop. That said, the legislation still has to go before a public hearing in March, so there's no telling how this debate will pan out.
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