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Two South-Of-The-Highway Acres On Sagg Main Street

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While the listing notes that this address is home to a "beautiful barn and attached studio" what it's really saying is that the property is home to a structure that needs to be razed before its potential can be realized. Why else would the listing mention that there's "ample room for a home that can be upwards of 7k sq. ft."? Not that we would blame someone for starting anew. The two-acre property is privately situated, centrally located and filled with century-old trees. There's also room for a pool and pre-existing variance for north/south tennis court.

With an ask of $6.9M, the price seems a little steep, but?like everything out here?that should come down in the coming months.

· Listing: 493 Sagg Main Street in Sagaponack [Douglas Elliman]