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Anything Goes In This Decorator-Owned Four-Bedroom

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It's been a while since we broke out the ol' That's Rather Hideous tag, but this four-bedroom off of Noyac Road in Southampton is most definitely deserving. It's not the house itself we take issue with?although we wouldn't exactly call being situated next to such a busy street "desirable"?but the interiors. They're a hodgepodge of floral patterns and plaids mixed together with a disparate color scheme that we can only describe as "granny chic". Making matters worse is that the owner does this for a living. The only rooms we're not bothered by are those that he/she didn't touch.

We'd like to think this $1.25M house has a great deal of potential. The 2800 sq ft. home is set on almost a full acre right next to Turtle Pond, offers a pool and an artist's loft studio. Sadly, it's hard to accentuate the positive when the negative is so in your face.

· Listing: 1 Turtle Pond Road [Corcoran]