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One Of The "Houses At Sagaponack" Sells For $2.15M

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It took over a year and more than $1.35M off its original asking price of $3.5M, but the Keenan/Riley-designed "Split House" has found a buyer. The "modern masterpiece" sits on a full acre and was built to "accommodate all patterns of contemporary domesticity simultaneously: solitude, work, interaction, and relaxation." While we don't know if it lives up to that claim (especially being so close to the East Hampton Airport), we're fans of the overall aesthetic.

One huge caveat, however. Judging by the plans it looks like the "two principle volumes of the house" are, unless we're missing a basement, completely separate. The unifying terrace offers no protection from the elements. On miserably rainy days like today, we have a feeling something like that would come in handy.

· Listing: Modern Masterpiece In Sagaponack [Brown Harris Stevens]