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Reader Comments

Following the Thanksgiving break, Curbed readers wasted no time getting back to doing what they do best?letting their unfiltered opinions be known. Here's a sampling of what they had to say last week:

THIS LOOKS TO BE A HARD SELL: "So the new marketing word for shabby, dated, musty settings is Brigadoon? They would have a much better chance selling the place completely stripped bare or gutted. Yes, even the beanbag chairs have to go."

WHAT DOES "SOUTH OF THE HIGHWAY" MEAN?: "The intersection of Moses Lane and Armande Street is not SOH. South of the highway refers to Montauk Hwy, and although Montauk Hwy and Rte 27 are one and the same east of Flying Point Road, in Southampton village they're two different roads and this house is north of Montauk Hwy."

MORE HISTORY, FEWER MCMANSIONS...PLEASE: "This looks like a really sweet historical house, I would not tear it down. But the way this is listed, the broker practically begs to the the teardown clientele with all of the land and exterior shots of property. There is not one single close up photo of the house, or any of it's interior."

IT'S BEEN SIX MONTHS: "I drive by there every morning and often wonder this too; it's really an eyesore and looks very ghetto. Can't the town insist on this being repaired asap; otherwise, maybe they should put up a giant 30 foot wreath with a red bow and paint the plywood green under it for the time being."

INSIDER PARKING TIPS: "I just park in the spots reserved for the law office next to the dumpster if I am in a jam. But this is possibly the worst parking in the Hamptons. Best to just park in front of the Amaden Gay Agency instead of taking the right into the parking lot."