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A Norman Jaffe Five-Bedroom With An Ask Of $6.995M

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We wanted to draw some attention to this Normal Jaffe five-bedroom that's been on the market for a little over four months now. Built in 1979, the 4100 sq. ft. is one of the last he designed before he began his, as Paul Goldberger described in his book, Houses of the Hamptons, "vulgar and bombastic" work of the 80s.

Situated on almost a full acre along a "picturesque arm of Mecox Bay," the property was actually the site of Jaffe's own wedding in 1986. It's belonged to the same owners since it was completed over 30 years ago and, according to the listing, "was enlarged in 1994 by Jaffe". The last bit is a little odd considering Mr. Jaffe passed in 1993, but we'll leave that up to the listing agent to address.

Questionable dates aside, it stands as a fine example of his work on the East End. Hopefully, whoever ends up purchasing the place will give the interiors a much needed facelift without compromising the vision the architect had for the house. Barring that, some new televisions would be nice. Those old tube sets contribute to this home feeling much more more dated than it actually is.

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