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Christmas Has Come Early For Sag Harbor Agents

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It what could signal a dramatic turnaround in home sales on the East End, in the past 2-3 weeks roughly 10 properties have entered into contract (or have been sold) in Sag Harbor. This increase in volume could be attributed to buyers and sellers wanting to take care of business before the end of the year, but we're not sure. "For the most part, Sag Harbor doesn't attract buyers who are connected to the financial world," according to Saunders agent Tara Newman, "so this signals a return of the 'emotional buyer'." Maybe potential homeowners are trying to get their piece of Sag Harbor before it loses its crown as Curbed Hamptons' neighborhood of the year.

We won't know if this is part of larger trend or just a statistical anomaly until full 4th quarter numbers are released in early 2012. Until then, it's nice to see so much movement in the area.

Here's a rundown of the the inventory that's started the process of changing hands:

· 51 Suffolk Street [Corcoran]
· 11, 15,17 Prospect Avenue [Corcoran]
· The Sag Harbor Methodist Church [Curbed]
· 133 Main Street [Brown Harris Stevens]
· 12 Burke Street [Corcoran]
· 6 Yale Road [Corcoran]
· 238 Madison Street [Douglas Elliman]
· 18 Bridge Street [Corcoran]
· 17 Latham Street [Sotheby's]
· 208 Main Street [Dougle Elliman]