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Big Reveal: How Much For This Sagaponack South Five-Bedroom?

Location: 68 Hedges Lane, Sagaponack
Asking: $5,495,000

Only one reader guessed right this week. Nicholas McDonnough hit the nail on the head with an answer of $5.5. Oddly, this is the second week in a row that the majority of the guesses were well above the asking price. Readers were too generous in their answers by at least $1M and in one case over $3M.

A few in-the-know commenters didn't seem surprised at the overestimates. "Even if one considers it a knockdown?dirt value alone pretty much covers the ask," according to one. "I also know the price and cannot believe it has not sold," said another. They both agreed that there must be some restriction keeping buyers from snatching the place up, especially after a recent $500K pricechop.

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