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Curbed Awards 2011: Memorable Listings

It's time to make up a bunch of awards and hand them out to the most deserving people, places and things in the real estate, architecture, and neighborhood universes in the Hamptons. Yep, it's time for the First Annual Curbed Awards! Today's topic: Memorable Listings for 2011

Gambrel Porn Of The Year: 14 On The Bluffs, North Haven

Fans of the traditional Hampton's aesthetic ("Make it look like an expensive barn!") were given something to drool over this year. Designed by John Laffey, this 9000 sq. ft. North Haven home captures the timeless East End look without sparing on modern amenities. And while the north-of-the-highway address may be a turnoff to some, anyone with a Range Rover would be more than happy to park it here.

Under $1M Of The Year: 11 Isle of Wight Road, East Hampton

We had a few really solid Under $1M listings this year, but we had to give it to this three-bedroom modern in The Springs. The home's design isn't for everyone (and the interiors could use some work), but we're willing to forgive a great deal for a $750K waterfront property.

Modern Of The Year: 12 Heller Lane, East Hampton

This four-bedroom may be more than three decades old, but "Lloyds House" was unquestionably our favorite modern design on the market in 2011. We showed this $4.75M listing to friends and family so often you'd think we were expecting part of the commission. While the Norman Jaffe-designed home hasn't found a buyer in the almost two years it's been on the market, we have a feeling that'll change in 2012.

Most In Need Of A Pricechop: 19 Robertson Drive, North Haven

We like everything about this house?the aesthetics, the location, the circular alcove "perfect for backgammon or Scrabble tournaments"?except the $40M pricetag. To quote a Curbed reader: "Hahahahahaahahahahhaahahahhah." We have a feeling this will be sitting for quite some time unless that "4" is replaced by a "2" or?dare we say it??a "1". Who knows, though? The listing's agent, Peter Turino, was responsible for one of 2011's biggest sales. Maybe lighting will strike twice and he'll find someone to buy the place for close to the original ask...although we doubt it.

Worst Listing: 55 Toilsome Lane, East Hampton

Sure, there are homes that suffer from terrible locationitis. And yes, some of the places we featured were pretty hard on the eyes. But there was only one listing that featured terribly lit photos, unhung artwork, Fox News, a couple of man's best friends and a pair of legs so pasty they could come from the movie Cocoon . As one Curbed reader put it: "Revolting. A higher level of Shabby Chic. Tear down the listing photos!" We couldn't agree more. (Click on the thumbnail for just a taste...)