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Wei Fun The Grill On Pantigo Can Be Yours For $5M

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Their outgoing message says they'll be back, but we keep hearing rumors that The Grill On Pantigo won't be opening its doors come spring. Now, adding fuel to the speculative fire that the restaurant is closed for good is this listing from Saunders that just crossed our desk. The "finest restaurant facility in the Hamptons" is now on the market with an ask of $5M.

When we reached out to Ben Krupinski's office a few weeks ago we were assured that they were just closed for the season, but we remain skeptical. While there is a chance that if the place doesn't sell they'll reopen come April/May (much like one of Mr. Krupinski's other restaurants, The East Hampton Point), we've heard the phrase "hemorrhaging money" used to describe this operation one too many times for that to be the likely scenario.

However, since the official word for now is that they will be back, we'll have to wait a few months before we know if our suspicions are correct.

Listing: East Hampton Restaurant [Saunders]

The Grill on Pantigo

203 Pantigo Road, East Hampton, NY 11937 631 329 2600