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Curbed Awards 2011: Like A Good Neighbor (Not Really)

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It's time to make up a bunch of awards and hand them out to the most deserving people, places and things in the real estate, architecture, and neighborhood universes in the Hamptons. Yep, it's time for the First Annual Curbed Awards! Today's topic: love thy neighbor.

Citizen Advisory Committee Most Likely To Make You Cry: The Montauk Citizens Advisory Committee

While many advisory committees mixed it up with local politicians this year, only Montauk's can say they got one to cry. Waaaay back in September, a meeting to discuss lighting laws quickly went off the rails and ended with town councilwoman Theresa Quigley in tears, exclaiming, "I think you guys are really unfair, and I'm not running for office so I don't give a crap" before she left.

Restaurant Most Likely To Rub It In: Surf Lodge

The Ying to The Montauk Citizens Advisory Committee's Yang, Surf Lodge seemed to take pleasure in pissing off their neighbors. When the Montauk hotspot wasn't busy racking up 640 violations, creating a dangerous parking situation or distributing condoms, its owners somehow found time to request the removal of a handicapped parking space so they could install a hot dog cart.

Homeowner Least Likely To Obey The Rules: Molly Zweig

After Irene battered East End beaches in late August, one homeowner thought it wise to reclaim what she thought was hers. Molly Zweig decided to install some fenceposts on the beach near Georgica and "close off the beach property in question with a hard structure." While the law couldn't be much clearer?"No structures on the beach?Ms. Zweig didn't let that stop her from pleading "not guilty" to eight summonses at a recent hearing.

Animal Most Likely To Suck: Deer

When they're not being anthropomorphized by Disney, the four-legged fiends enjoy ruining shrubbery, causing airplane accidents, throwing themselves at cars and inspiring insane reader comments. At least one town figured out a use for them...

Neighbors Least Likely To Win A Popularity Contest: Napeague Property Owners Association

In a demonstration of "how to lose friends and alienate people" a group of homeowners living on the Napeague stretch are in the process of suing the town of East Hampton. The plaintiffs are claiming that a 4,000-foot-long stretch of waterfront is theirs and theirs alone. Meaning: no more access for the local community. As you might imagine, this hasn't pleased many a resident round these parts?who have made their displeasure known by creating Citizens for Access Rights and voicing their opinion at almost every opportunity.

Surf Lodge

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