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Curbed Cup Final Four: (1) Sag Harbor Vs. (4) East Hampton

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We're down to the final four in the Curbed Cup, our annual award for the Hamptons neighborhood of the year. This week we'll have one matchup today and tomorrow—with the polls left open for 24 hours—and the final showdown for the prestigious fake trophy will begin on Thursday. Let the eliminations continue!

2010's Curbed Cup winner, Sag Harbor, bested Shelter Island with relative ease. Not a whole lot has changed between this week and last?the Bulova Condos are still being built, the Methodist Church has still been sold and bunch of homes still changed hands in November and ?except for the news that Java Nation is getting the boot for a newer, younger model come February. Does this signal the end of "small town" Sag Harbor and its reign as Curbed Cup champion?

Looking to upset the #1 seed is a little town founded in 1648 by a group of farmers and fisherman...East Hampton. The village may resemble a ghost town these days, but the former home of Della Femina had a pretty eventful year. When it wasn't busy counting write-in ballots, East Hampton found the time to finally fix Hook Mill, announce and then cancel a music festival and apply for some of that FAA cash money.

Poll results

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