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The East Hampton Star: Just The Real Estate Bits

Other than excellent television, Thursdays are primarily known for one thing 'round the Curbed Hamptons office...the new issue of the East Hampton Star is out. Here's a quick rundown of what we think is worth taking a look at in the paper that "shines for all":

SPIELBERG DONATES: Attempting to make up for Tintin, the A-list director has donated 7.46 acres to the Peconic Land Trust. Spread over three East Hampton village properties, the gift was readily accepted by the East Hampton Village Board. Located at the intersection of Chauncey Close and Ruxton Road, the land is now permanently protected from development. [Link]

LVIS AND PARKING: The Ladies Village Improvement Society presented a plan to alleviate neighbor fears that its efforts to turn a garage into a a retail space would block emergency access vehicles. "You have to be willing to be unpopular and have someone towed away once or twice to enforce it," said Andrew Goldstein, the chairman of the zoning board, but "you’re 80 to 90 percent there." [Link]

THE "HAPPY HOUSE": This week's "Habitat" column takes a look at the renovations to a one-time hay barn in Amagansett. One of the home's owners, Tracy Gavant, has been a long-time executive in the world of interior design magazines, so she and her husband were looking something with a little more "character" than the traditional Hamptons home. [Link]

East Hampton Star

153 Main Street, East Hampton, NY 11937