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This East Hampton 2-Bed Might Benefit From Some Staging

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We've had our eye on this glass-paneled contemporary since it hit the market back in October. "Designed by a well know (sic, sigh) architect," the two-bedroom residence is set on almost a full acre in the secluded Northwest Woods section of East Hampton, features a second floor master bedroom and a truly cavernous living/common room. Originally listed at $950K, a recent pricechop has dropped its ask to $849K.

We can't help but wonder if that decrease in price was necessary, though. While there's not much that can be done about the pictured bathroom's black marble, some staging, better photography and a cleaning crew might do wonders for the sale of this house. We love us a wood-burning fireplace, but not one that's streaked with creosote. And that kitchen looks pretty sweet, but the errant pans and food items are off-putting. This home also has a pool, but for some reason pictures weren't included. We really want to like this place, but it's almost like the listing is trying to turn off potential buyers.

What do you think, Curbed readers...Are we being too hard on the place or would it benefit from a little TLC?

· Listing: 22 Springwood Lane [Corcoran]