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How Much For This Oceanfront 5-Bedroom In Wainscott?

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What/Where: 5 bedroom, 5 bath on Beach Lane, Wainscott
Square Feet: 3000
Acreage: 2.3
The Skinny: According to the listing agent, there are only 7 oceanfront properties in Wainscott. So, when one comes on the market, "It's an event." Pumping up the hyperbole another notch or two, the agent goes so far as to say that this particular property "calls for an actual celebration." And why are we breaking out the bubbly, exactly? For starters, the lot is 2.5 acres, offers 315' of beachfront and a substantial building envelope. And although the listing is basically shouting "TEARDOWN", it does say that while "you're planning your new home for this rare site, feel free to enjoy the current renovated digs." You'll need a pretty sizable bank account to do so, though. So, Curbed readers...just how big a bank account are we talking?

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