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Meadow Lane Seven-Bedroom Sells For A Whopping $21.6M

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In case you had your heart set on picking up the house at 96 Meadow Lane in Southampton, you're too late. Seacret LLC* plunked down almost $22M for the property sometime last month.

Listed by Corcoran power brokers Susan and Matthew Breitenbach, the 2.3 acre oceanfront monster offers water views of both the Atlantic and Cooper Pond. It boasts seven bedrooms and 10.5 bathrooms throughout its three levels and more than 10,000 sq. ft. of living space. The custom built Barnes Coy design combines a traditional exterior with an interior of "crisp modern style that focuses on a superb attention to detail and cool luxury living."

The "residence" hit the market last April with an ask of $26.9M, so the sale price does represent a rather sizable pricechop of about 20%. Still, $21.6 is nice chunk of change?especially when you consider that the lot was purchased for $10M back in 2005.

*We spent about a half an hour trying to track down this company until we realized it's a play on "secret". Very funny.

· Listing: 96 Meadow Lane [Corcoran]