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Does Being Crazy Require A Variance In The Hamptons?

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The muckity mucks over at Curbed National were busy eating bon bons and watching a special episode of your mother's favorite show, The Millionaire Matchmaker, when one of the matchmaking firm's clients?Haute PR CEO Robin Kassner?decided to drop the following craziness:

"I'm actually building a Hello Kitty house in the Hamptons; it's going to be the first Hello Kitty house in America. It's pink on the outside, it's very fabulous; I just ordered these Hello Kitty refrigerators and dishwashers from Italy."We've checked with a few agents and builders out here and this was the first they've heard of Ms. Kassner's plans. If true?which is highly doubtful?we only hope that the house won't be visible from the street. Owners are having a hard enough time selling their homes as it is?can you imagine what living next door to the crazy lady in Hello Kitty Manor would do to property values? Again, we're suspect. But, if you have any information feel free to send it our way.

Photo courtesy of Curbed National.

· America's First Pink Hello Kitty House Currently Underway [Curbed National]