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Is This East Hampton North Two-Bedroom Priced Right?

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This little cottage is of particular interest to us for two reasons (full disclosure): 1. We live next door. 2. It was built by our great grandfather. The home has seen some updates in the forty or so years since its construction?most notably the central air and landscaping?but it has largely remained unchanged.

The listing calls the 850 ft. sq. home the "quintessential Hampton cottage" (blah), perfect for both Summer visits and year round living alike. While we take issue with the assertion that "a small pool permit is in process"?there is absolutely no room for one?we can't argue that it's close to the village and a (20 minute) bike ride away from the beach.

That leads us to the question of price. It first hit the market in June of this year with an ask of $749K...that has since been lowered to $679K. But will the $70K pricechop be enough? You tell us.

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· Listing: On Everyone's Santa List: Perfect Hamptons Cottage [Halstead Property]