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Bulova Construction Rankles Some Businesses, Residents

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It seems that the very regulations that the Sag Harbor Planning Board hoped would alleviate traffic concerns associated with the Bulova condos and the library expansion are they themselves causing concern. Adopted at a November board meeting, the regulations are expected to remain in effect through December 31 of next year, but some neighbors are hoping the end comes sooner than that. Check out the streets affected:

"Parking will be prohibited on Washington and Church streets to Division Street. Church Street will also be changed into a northbound-only street from Washington to Sage streets, and parking will no longer be allowed on Sage Street from Division to Church Street. Jefferson Street will be opened into a two way traffic street from Suffolk Street to the library while that road is closed directly adjacent to the library and parking and standing on Union Street next to the library is also prohibited."As you can imagine, many in the area are not exactly pleased with the situation. "Did you consider the small businesses in Sag Harbor and how this would impact them," asked Sharone Einhorn, the co-owner of Ruby Beets antiques and home furnishing store on Washington Street. "We will not be able to receive deliveries and clients will not be able to put things in the cars if they cannot park nearby." Ms. Einhorn is hoping that the town will consider lifting the restrictions during the summer months.

To the board's (and Cape Advisors) credit, it seems like they understand the issue and are actually interested in finding a solution. According to the Bulova project's manager, "There is absolutely a willingness on our part to sit down and solve any problems that arise and make this as painless as possible on everyone."

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