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Shelter Island's Chequit Inn Has A Buyer, On Three Conditions

Owners James and Linda Eklund have entered into an agreement with Cape Advisors* to sell their 35-room inn. However, the sale us predicated on the Zoning Board of Appeals granting them three variances. If the board allows a pool, a patio and a "Summer Cottage" to be placed with 10 and 16 feet of the property line?instead of the usual 40?then the sale will continue. True to their longstanding policy against the construction of pools on the island, The Shelter Island Heights Property Owners Corporation is officially on record coming out against allowing the exceptions. The board's decision should be available sometime today.

UPDATE: It looks like the deal will most likely happen. At this morning's ZBA meeting, sound specialists from both Cape Advisors and the Shelter Island Heights Property Owners Corporation agreed to work together and create a sound-proofing plan.

*Curbed readers will recall the name Cape Advisors as they are the company behind the Bulova Watch Factory condominiums currently being constructed in Sag Harbor.

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