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Curbed commenters are getting in the holiday spirit and sharing their gifts of insight, criticism and opinion with the world. Here's a rundown of some of the more notable remarks from last week:

RUGOSA UP FOR RENT:"Do NOT want to see that military tank there anymore...[n]o disrespect to the Veterans. Why don't they move the tank to East Hampton's Veterans Memorial at Hook Mill? Plenty of space there and it would be much more noticed and appreciated..."

WHAT'S GOING ON IN SAG HARBOR?: "Attribute the attraction of Sag Harbor as this: The only Hampton NOT ruined by overpriced stores. The Best Walking Town. The only town directly on water has a beach and harbor too. The highest amount of really good restaurants. The most amount of Galleries in one place...Need I say more!! Did I forget anything?"

PRETTY ON THE OUTSIDE: "Beautiful aesthetics but highly impractical. And SMALL! The kitchen is underwhelming and barely big enough for two people, and the living room is the size of a small bedroom."

YOU LIKE SOMETHING! YOU REALLY LIKE SOMETHING!: "What a swing on Curbed this week - from a property earlier this week that was 'most hideously decorated' to a place like this one, very tastefully done & decorated!"

YOU LIKE TWO THINGS?! CAN IT BE?: "This house is brand new, custom made, 11,000 sq feet, double oceanfront and honestly does not even come close to anything available on the market now. I bet on 32 million dollar price tag next time it is on the market."