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Welcome To Curbed Hamptons' Renters Week 2011

It's here. Curbed's first ever (and most likely annual) Renters Week. From year-round residents to summer shares to the?sigh?August people, renting on the East End can be just as head-shaking as buying. So, over the course of the next few days, we'll be focusing much of our coverage on properties that might not break records, but still can make headlines.

To whet your appetite for this upcoming week, take a look at some of our lease-centric posts from past years:

· The 2011 Summer Rental Roundup
· Iconic Grey Gardens Can Be Yours for Two Weeks in August!
· French Mogul Exits Meadow Lane Rental, Costing Owner $165k
· The Sandcastle Ups Ante on Own Record; Set to Rent for $35,714/day
· Billionaire Has Trouble With Rent-Versus-Buy Calculator
· Woman Attempts To Meet Men By Renting $50 Million House...Again