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Montauk's Salivar's Restaurant Has A New Owner

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After hitting the market in the summer of 2010, Salivar's Restaurant in Montauk has finally found a buyer. All it took was a pricechop of $3.7M, more than half of the original $7M ask.

For those of you worried that the East End fixture is going to go the way of Surf Lodge or Sole East, the new owners?a husband and wife team from Manhattan?"not only love Montauk but embrace the Salivar's name and history?right down to the Mundus shark," according to Judi Desiderio, the president of Town & Country Real Estate. While we really want to believe the 50-year-old eatery will remain largely unchanged, we have a strong feeling that it won't take long before it's overrun with $18 drinks, white furniture and parking problems.

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