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Pick Up A Southampton Village Restoration For $3.6M

Purchased in 2005 for $1.7M, this six-bedroom has undergone a complete renovation and its owner is now looking to more than double their investment. The Southampton home includes:

"a library, formal dining room, multiple entertaining/living rooms (each with fireplace), gourmet kitchen with a dining area and a fireplace, and gracious French doors leading to an porticoed outdoor dining area."After hitting the market in September 2010 with an ask of $4.2M, the .5 acre property has seen a couple of pricechops totaling $600K. We have a feeling it'll take a few more before a buyer is found. For 4000 sq. ft., the place seems incredibly cramped?especially those bedrooms. And then there's that pesky public urination problem just up the street. · 39 Elm Street, Southampton [Corcoran]