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Tear It Down And Build Anew Or Renovate In North Haven?

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This $8.9M waterfront offering in North Haven presents potential buyers with an interesting choice. On one hand, you could opt to keep and renovate the 1804 house that currently sits on the property. On they other, you could tear that sucker down and build something from scratch. Either way, you'll be working with a nice-sized parcel (2.6 acres) located on Sag Harbor Bay. We're on the fence, so we're asking Curbed readers to weigh in with their thoughts.

Update: An eagle-eyed commenter pointed out that this home is owned by Christie Brinkley (and it's been featured on this site before), although that doesn't change our question.

Poll results

· Listing: Harbor Front Land With Room For 8,000 S.f. House And Pool [Saunders]