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This Southampton Village 5-Bedroom Is Now 1% Cheaper

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Generally, we only take notice of pricechops when they're somewhat dramatic. Take, for instance, this estate from the other week or The Shagwong's $2M discounted ask. That's not the case with this five-bedroom in Southampton, though. This one stands out for how just insignificant the price change is. For some reason, the owner thinks knocking $45K off an ask of $4.395M is going to encourage a sale.

Buyer: I don't know, $4.395M is a little more than I want to pay.
Seller: What about $4.35M?

Buyer: SOLD!Either the homeowner is not really interested in selling (which seems doubtful since the place has been on the market for more than a year) or they're painfully unaware that it's not 2005 anymore. So Curbed readers...what's a realistic number to ask for a nice, if unexceptional, 5000 sq. ft. home that sits on .7 south-of-the-highway acres? And please don't say $4.3M.

· Listing: Stunning Southampton Village [Corcoran]