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Reader Comments

Last week the commentariat was out in full force. Here's a quick rundown of what they had to say:

SO, YOU'RE SAYING YOU DIDN'T LIKE IT?: "Anything has to be better than Lenny's. Never in my life have I ever had any food as bad as I had the one time I was at Lenny's."

A LIGHTHOUSE OF YOUR VERY OWN: "Interesting..but where in the world do these folks find such hideous interior designers who are completely out of touch?"

TELL US HOW YOU REALLY FEEL ABOUT BRUCE BUSCHEL: "If he was not prepared to deal with these situations, he shouldn't have attempted to open and operate a restaurant here in the first place! I think the whole undertaking was all for his own self promotion on the Times blog."

FONDITA IT IS: "La Fondita blows all of these other joints out of the water. Everything they do is done well & authentic. What a shame that they are now closed for the rest of the winter."

THE ASK IS TOO DAMN HIGH: "Can't wait to see it on the house tour this weekend! Looks like a beautiful reno...but corner lot, no waterfront, busy street, seemingly small rooms....might be overpriced by $10 million."