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The East Hampton Historical Society's 2011 House Tour Homes

The Saturday following Thanksgiving is not just for finishing off leftovers and beginning your holiday shopping. It's also the day that the East Hampton Historical Society holds its annual house tour fundraiser. This year, the tour features five homes that are sure to leave an impression. Here's a quick overview of what's in store for the day:

The Arc House: The majority of this newly constructed home is underground. "I don't think I'd want people thinking that was my dream of retirement, to build some monster," said the home's owner, a 65-year-old former mortgage banker who recently moved into the home. Designed by Maziar Behrooz, the home uses subterranean construction that's more commonly seen on the West coast. [Wall Street Journal]

The Captain Wickham S. Havens House: Originally built in Sag Harbor, the home was moved to its current East Hampton location in 1960. In the last decade, the three-story residence has seen three renovations, the most recent occurring in 2009. [27 East]

The Charles H. Adams Estate: Curbed readers will be familiar with this particular stop on the tour as it hit the market late last week. The three-story, 10,000 sq. ft. estate is the largest of East Hampton's "summer cottages" and boasts quite an impressive provenance. It was designed by the man responsible for Carnegie Hall, William B. Tuthill. [Curbed Hamptons]

Windpump Tower: Originally constructed to pump water to the Greycroft Estate, the structure was built in 1894 and moved to its present location in 1945. The 3-story residence is one of "East Hampton’s most fascinating residences." [Hamptons Magazine]

The Home of Larry Kane: The only house that on the tour that is occupied year-round, it was built by and for Larry Kane. When asked why he decided to open up his house to the tour, Mr. Kane offered some of the honesty that's going around: "I think I had too many glasses of wine one night at a party and volunteered, finally, to do it." [27 East]

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