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In Which A Handywoman Looks For Her Next Project

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Curbed readers might be familiar with CasaCara as she's one of the few commenters that always has something positive to say about the properties we feature here. What you might not know, however, is that she pens a blog about her personal experiences in the world of real estate. One of her favorite topics involves chronicling the work she's been doing on a little cottage in The Springs over the last two and a half years.

In a recent entry, she admits that she's "getting antsy to find another property to fix up" and talks about the difficulties associated with finding such a place. Coming up with a downpayment and securing a mortgage are difficult enough, but she finds the biggest obstacle is finding the property in the first place.

She's got her eye on a couple of residences that aren't listed anywhere, are currently unoccupied and have definitely seen better days.

? After visiting the town-assessor's office to research this secluded 1960's modernist home, she reached out by phone to the current owner to see if he'd be interested in selling.

? Apparently, the owner lives far away and is in no rush to get rid of the place. He doesn't visit the area often, but assured her he would be in contact when he did. True to form, she seems content knowing that "the lines of communication are open."

? Unfortunately, she hasn't the same luck contacting the owner of this 1940s cottage located just down the street from her The Springs residence. So far, she's been unable to find a phone number and the letter she wrote to the current owner's PO box was returned. Unfazed, she personally put a copy of the letter in its mailbox.

? She admits that this place looks "ransacked", is on a busy road and might have mold. She doesn't care. All that matters is a price. If the owner is willing to part with it for a reasonable amount (provided she can track them down), she's in.

In a market so focused on high-end amenities, lot size, and resale value, we find the outlook of hers commendable. We look forward to seeing how her current search turns out. We have a feeling that all the effort will eventually pay off and she'll be rolling up her sleeves and starting on a new project soon enough.

All photos reprinted with permission from CasaCara.

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