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Your daily fire update

Believe it or not, the Hamptons were able to make it through the night without any fire departments being called upon. This update involves an East Hampton man pleading guilty to three counts of felony assault and two counts of third-degree arson stemming from 2010 charges. One of the arson counts is for a house fire he set on Osbourne Lane that injured three firefighters. The other is for a nearby Porsche he set ablaze. "I felt like lighting something on fire," he creepily told police in a statement about the car. As for the house, the blaze started when a fire he was using to keep warm got out of control. With no hose available, the squatter attempted the next best thing and tried to pee on it. His efforts were unsuccessful and he ended up causing $360K worth of damage to the house. He is expected to receive a prison sentence of three to six years. [Patch]