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Maybe Someone Should Update This Sag Harbor Home's Listing

The agents involved with this sale must not subscribe to the Sag Harbor Express, because this listing says that a "pool permit will be in place in short order." Definitely not the case.

After learning a little more about the property, we can understand why the owner was hoping to receive that variance. The home was first put on the market in 2008 for $3.2M. A little over three and a half years later, it's hoping to sell for $1.995M.

The problem's not the lack of a pool, though. The problem is that they're asking an incredible amount for .17 acres and off-street parking. We have a feeling this will need to come down even further before it'll find a buyer. There's an incredible amount of inventory in this price range and some of those homes even have driveways.

UPDATE: Looks like the brokers were paying attention. The listing now says, "Possibly room for a small lap pool, but studio would have to come down."

Listing: 9 Suffolk Street, Sag Harbor [Corcoran]