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Southfork Kitchen Closed For The Season???

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It was only just a few days ago that we were writing Bruce Buschel wasn't sure if he would keep Southfork Kitchen open through New Year's day. But an eagle-eyed reader pointed out that the restaurant's website now states they've closed for the winter. We gave them a call just to be sure this wasn't a mistake on the part of an overzealous web-designer, but it's true. The outgoing message says they'll return this spring.

We re-read his most recent post to see if we had misinterpreted what he wrote, but we're pretty sure he implied no decisions had been. This sentence specifically (emphasis ours) bolsters our original thinking:

"You had always planned on closing for a few months come New Year's Day, as you did last year, but your timetable might have to change." So what changed between November 15th and November 16th? Sure, there's probably a few days of lag time between when he submits to the Times and when they publish, but that still means the decision was incredibly recent. We reached out to Mr. Buschel to see if he'd like to comment about the timing. We'll make sure to let you know if/when he responds.

And we know Mr. Buschel has a tendency to inspire a certain sort of vitriol in our commenters, but please try to at least attempt keeping it civil. This is a family blog.

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