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New To Market: A Three-Bedroom In The Northwest Woods

This three-bedroom looks like it could benefit from a good powerwashing, but that's probably our only quibble. Well, that and maybe the price?the 1400 sq. ft. residence just hit the market with a seems-a-touch-high ask of $759K. Those issues aside, we can appreciate this one-level contemporary. It's not very big, but it doesn't give the impression of being cramped or crowded. The home's high ceilings and heated pool make it a perfect spot for small get-togethers. And it's located in the Northwest Woods, so privacy shouldn't be an issue. Overall, it seems like a solid?if sightly overpriced?little vacation spot.

What say you, Curbed readers?

· Listing: 7 Shorewood Drive, East Hampton [Corcoran]