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An East Hampton Village Home In Desperate Need Of Staging

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The listing calls this two-bedroom a "beautiful opportunity [to] restore or rebuild in a fantastic location" and it's absolutely right. Nestled north of the highway on half an acre, the home's biggest selling point is its centralized locale. The owners seem acutely aware that this is a $1.195M teardown. That's the impression we're left with after looking through the listing's photos, anyway. Why else would they think its a good idea to include dimly lit, poorly framed pictures that feature unhung paintings, a couple of dogs, Fox News and?most absurdly?a pair of pasty legs?

Even if this is destined for a bulldozer and as much as we like dogs (and shins), the owner would probably benefit from prettying up the space. With the East End real estate market still struggling, every little bit helps.

· Listing: Fantastic East Hampton Village Opportunity [Brown Harris Stevens]