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Rumors & Innuendo

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An in-the-know Curbed reader dropped us a note over the weekend informing us of some personnel changes (see: firings) over at Nest Seekers International. According to our tipster, Barbara Feldman was shown the door due to "to erratic behavior and yelling at aa's and other agents." This bigger news, though, is that Joseph DeCristofaro?poached from Corcoran back in May of this year?was given the boot as well. He had been relieved of his newfound managerial duties weeks ago "but refused to accept [it] and kept acting as if he was still manager and kept telling everyone he was an owner/partner." As of this writing, both Ms. Feldman and Mr. DeCristofaro have been removed from the Nest Seekers website. We've reached out to the company's media contact to see if they'd like to comment. In the meantime, if anyone has any inside info they'd like to share, feel free to send us an Email or comment below.

That was fast: According to a Curbed reader, Ms. Feldman has already landed at the Sag Harbor office of Douglas Elliman.