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Reader Comments

Curbed readers were their usual insightful, cynical selves during our first-ever Renters Week. Here's just a sample of what they had to say:

THE BAREFOOT CONTESSA SEEMS TO HAVE AN IMAGE PROBLEM: "East Hampton made Ina; and some bad PR here can break Ina too. This was a very strategic "content" appearance to futher her brand, that's all I'm sayin."

WHAT'S IN STORE FOR SALIVAR'S?: "End of an era. Hopefully I'll still be able to get coffee and two eggs over easy with corned beef hash before untying."

A DRUNK-FREE PARADE? FAT CHANCE.: "Nothing comes between a hooligan and a St. Pat's parade. They'll find a way, they'll get there, and they'll be many sheets to the wind, no matter who tries to stop it. Nice try folks, but it won't work!"

IT'S A PARTY AND EVERYONE'S INVITED: "This will easily accomodate 40 mattresses and plenty of kegs. Who ever is renting this place.........suggest you get a hefty deposit and make sure your insurance is current."

WINTER RENTAL OPTIONS ARE LIMITED: "The "Winter-only" rentals should not have been included in this lineup; entirely different situations and scenarios. How about just focusing on what $1,500. per month can get you, year-round. From the 2 year-round listings I can see above, jack-freakin-squat is what you can get year round at this rate. And most of us year rounders who don't own are up against this."