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A 13.6 Acre Estate In Water Mill For $14.5M

[Aerial photo by Alex Ferrone]

Although this Daniel Romualdez-designed home sits north of the highway, four of its six bedrooms still provide views of the ocean. And in case you get bored pondering life's big questions while looking out at the Atlantic, the 11,000 sq. ft. hilltop manse also overlooks Water Mill's fields and farmland.

Bordering a 25 acre nature reserve, the grounds include a "perfectly manicured" lawn, an oversized pool, tennis and bocce courts and "an Italianate courtyard garden created by renowned artist, Robert Dash." Inside, the house is just as impressive and offers a high-end kitchen (is that a toaster oven?), six full baths and a billiard room. The bedrooms look like they could use a little refreshing, but that's a matter of preference.

We're interested to know what Curbed readers think about the property. Is it worth the $14.5M ask or is your money better spent on something smaller on the south side of 27?

· Listing: Majestic Water Mill Hilltop Estate [Sotheby's]