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East Hampton Non-Profits Competing For Grant Money

East Hampton expects to receive a $117K federal Community Development Block Grant next year and, so far, six organizations have requested funds. The grant program is " a flexible program that provides communities with resources to address a wide range of unique community development needs." Here's a rundown of who has requested what:


After the apartments were built "extremely poorly" over 20 years ago, the group is hoping to renovate a group of eight kitchens and bathroom cabinets. Over the past five years, the group has been updating the apartments one by one. About a third of the money used to do so has come from this grant.

THE RETREAT: $35K - $45K

The domestic violence shelter is hoping to purchase a backup generator to keep refrigeration and safety systems running in case another Irene hits the area.


After receiving $22K Green Logic and a matching grant from LIPA, the 47-development has seen its electrical bills cut in half. With the installation of another solar system, they hope to go "off the grid" entirely.


The group hopes to offset the cost of transporting the homeless to East End houses of worship (which provide shelter and food) for the winter.


The group is hoping install new windows at the Acabonac Apartments. They've saved about $4K following the installation of sliding class doors a couple of years ago.

PROJECT MOST: Undetermined

The after school program has requested monies for the creation of scholarships meant for families unable to pay.

It is now incumbent upon the town board to decide how to divvy up the grant money?a great test to see how well the newly-elected and returning officials can work together.

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