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Summer Rentals For The Obscenely Rich, Sag Harbor Edition

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For some, November evokes images of pumpkin pie and apple cider—but we like to think of it as the perfect time to begin researching summer rentals. We'll be highlighting a few of the pricier options this week?starting in Southampton and making our way to Montauk by Friday. Today, we're taking a look at some of what North Haven and Noyack have to offer.

? 1. 19 Robertson Drive, North Haven [Prudential]
The Price: $425K (August)
The Skinny: If this home's $40M pricetag inspired laughter from Curbed readers, we have a feeling the $425K (about $571 an hour) they're asking for the month of August will have the same result.

? 2. 22 Burkeshire Dr, Noyack [Nest Seekers]
The Price: 250K (MD - LD)
The Skinny: If you're a boating enthusiast, this newly-constructed 6 bedroom from Farrell Builders might strike your fancy. It's located just a "short drive from Sag Harbor Village and an even shorter distance to Peconic Bay Marinas."

? 3. 30 North Haven Way [Corcoran]
The Price: $199.5K (MD - LD)
The Skinny: Relatively new to the rental market, this custom seven-bedroom in North Haven is betrayed by a modest exterior. Inside, the 8000 sq. ft. home boasts a seven-foot tall fireplace a formal dining room that seats 14, a "home theater, wine cellar, bar/den and underground tunnel to the detached 3-car garage and separate bedroom living area."

? 4. 35 Ezekills Hollow, North Haven [Corcoran]
The Price: $275K (MD - LD)
The Skinny: Although still incredibly expensive, the rental price for this waterfront North Haven five-bedroom seems a little more realistic than #1's. It features a amenities like a gym, sauna, outdoor shower and?what else??a heated pool.

? 5. 27 Ezekills Hollow [Corcoran]
The Price: $250K (MD - LD)
The Skinny: The neighbor of #4, this newly constructed 5-bedroom relies on solar and geo-thermal energies to power run the place. The 6000 sq. ft. home sits in waterfront 1.8 acres and includes Sag Harbor community tennis court and beach rights.