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A Norman Jaffe Of Your Very Own, Now $1.245M Cheaper

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After this most recent pricechop, this Norman Jaffe-designed East Hampton four-bedroom has seen its ask lessened by more than $2M in the year and a half it's been in the market. Lloyds House?one of 50 East End residencies designed by the celebrated architect?now sits (south of the highway) with a not-unreasonable ask of $4.75M.

And what exactly is $5M buying? A personal favorite of Jaffe's and one of the few he designed that remain in original condition. The home sits on 1.03 acres and boasts, "four bedrooms, four baths, two fireplaces, den, atrium, central air conditioning, pool house, patios and a beautiful landscape." It should be noted that Jaffe was against this landscaping as "he considered the site a pedestal on which to display a piece of architectural sculpture."

It's a little surprising that a house this gorgeous has gone so long without finding a buyer. Perhaps this most recent pricechop will change that.

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