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Big Reveal: How Much For This 5-Bedroom In Georgica?

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Location: 2 Marina Lane, East Hampton
Asking: $6,495,000

This property last sold in 2005 for $2.695M?a far cry from what the owner is asking these days. Six years later, this humble abode's price tag is just a hair south of $6.5M. We told you they were looking for a sizable return on their investment.

Most guesses were right on the money?no pun intended?but none of them expect the house to change hands for its current ask.

"I bet [they're] asking $6.5 (I am assuming it is not near the highway). It'll sell for $5.5." "I would not be surprised at all if they are going for $6.5 now for sizable ROI. Actual value? No more than $4 million, seriously."

"$5.995. Big and south. 2mm for the land, 3mm for the house, .995 for the owners."

And the recipient of this week's Lowball Award? goes to guest #3: "If they wait too long 2.5 max." · Listing: 2 Marina Lane [Corcoran]
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