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Waterviews In Water Mill Can Be Yours For $4.7M

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We're about 90% on board with this 5-bedroom modern in Watermill. While we generally favor the modern aesthetic, something about this one just seems slightly askew. The home boasts the usual high-end amenities?gunite pool, stainless steel appliances, guest suite with wet bar, etc.?so it's not that. Nor can we blame the tastefully designed interior. And we love that "the huge sliders on both sides of [the main] room open completely, enabling the owner to fully integrate the outside with the interior of the home."

We're just having a hard time getting past that roof deck. While the views of the Mecox Bay from up there are undoubtedly gorgeous, it almost seems like an afterthought and feels out of place. That being said, we wouldn't turn it down if someone felt like handing us the keys.

· Listing: 18 Bay Lane [Saunders]