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These $60M Manses Are Vying For Your Affection

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Got a bonus that's just burning a hole in your pocket? Looking to expand your real estate portfolio? Confident that the "Occupy Wall Street" movement won't change a thing? Good, because this week's Deathmatch features two of the most expensive listings found in the Hamptons.

Our first well-heeled competitor is this $58.5M mansion-estate from Watermill. The 20,000 sq. ft., 8-bedroom waterfront is set on four meticulously manicured acres and boasts "a master suite, four separate guest suites, three staff bedrooms, two powder rooms [and] eight fireplaces." The completely automated house also comes with a state-of-the-art remote-control security system...perfect for capturing Ethan Hunt when he breaks into that Mission Impossible set piece/wine cellar.

Weighing in at $500k more is this Southampton Village estate overlooking "9.11 acres of incredible landscaping." After a three-and-a-half-year renovation, the 12-bedroom claims to have returned to its original 1915 grandeur. The $59M property features a four car garage, indoor and outdoor pools, tennis and paddle courts, a gymnasium and a carriage house. This listing does not mention if the asking price includes the zebra rugs.

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