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Won't Someone Think Of The Piping Plovers?

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While the birds responsible for the cancellation of Main Beach's annual 4th of July fireworks remain one the area's least welcome visitors, one Montauk Napeague neighborhood is using the piping plover to help put the kibosh on a new bathing beach. In response to the East Hampton Town Board's idea to install lifeguard stands, bathrooms, and a parking lot nearby, about two dozen residents of Montauk on the Sea cited the bird?as well as other endangered species?as one reason to consider other locations.

According to the Group for the East End's environmental advocate, Jeremy Samuelson, a viable alternative is just down the street. Here's how 27 East paraphrased his remarks to the board:

"[It makes] more sense to build a parking lot adjacent to the Lobster Roll restaurant rather than off Dolphin Drive, because the land along Dolphin Drive is more environmentally sensitive and the road could become dangerous with added traffic."Aware of the volatility that exists when beach access is concerned, Superintendent Bill Wilkinson stressed that this was just a brainstorming session and assured the group that, "There is no plan anywhere." We fully expect any ideas that the board does come up with will be met with the same vocal opposition. Correction: Jeremy Samuelson would like readers to know that the quote above was mistakenly attributed to him. We apologize for the error.

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