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Ten Bedrooms In Water Mill, Now $3M Pricier

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Just three months ago, Corcoran's Gary DePersia described this listing as "the most house on the most property SOH under $10 million, with an outdoor area that’s second to none." While his boast about the outdoor area remains apt?it is pretty incredible?the sub-$10M pricetag no longer does. As of last week, the ask on this behemoth jumped some 30% to $12.995M.

Unless we're missing something, nothing about this home has changed since August. It still sits on 2.5 south-of-the-highway acres. There's still 18,000 sq. ft. of living space. The pool is still 25' x 75'. So, why the price increase? If any of Curbed readers would care to offer an explanation, we're all ears (or eyes, whatever).

Listing: 76 Rose Hill Road [Corcoran]