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Reader Comments

When it comes to making their displeasure known, Curbed readers don't hold back. Check out some of the more acerbic comments from last week:

WE TOLD YOU TO BE GENTLE: "The price is borderline obscene. 7k sq ft.... @400 or 500k a foot gets you to 2.8-3.5mm. Sorry, but an acre on the north side of surf side is not worth 10mm bucks."

I (don't) ? THE 80s: "I just cannot fathom having a 7 million dollar (theoretically) house full of flat pak assembled furniture from Ikea. All flash and no cash."

RICH YACHTER, POOR SAILOR: "Guess who is closing out all my AMERIPRISE ACCOUNTS. Me. And I am down in Charleston, SC, Past Commodore of two Yacht Clubs and Sailing chair at another. Hope other sailing supporters will do the same. This small YC has hardly a chance against these selfish rich guys. Hope the rest of the sailing community gets on board."

YOU CALL THAT VIEW?: "Can it be that each and every window of house 1 looks out into power lines and phone cables? Apparently this is the new definition of .million-dollar views'..."