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This $25M Lily Pond Home's Website Needs Work

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This new-to-market home on one of East Hampton's most famous streets, Lily Pond Lane, has quite the storied pedigree. Just check out what the brokerbabble says:

"One of the most historic and important homes in East Hampton is available for purchase. This 8+ bedroom, 8+ bathroom home (including the cottages) is an original mansion of the famed 'Summer Colony'. It was designed by 32 year old society architect, Harrie T. Lindeberg, who personally involved himself with the home’s construction. The famous gardens in the back were designed by Edwina Von Gal who’s magnificent landscape has been highlighted in many publications."
One would think such a "historic" and "important" house?one with an ask of $24.95M?would boast an equally impressive online presence to assist in the sale, but that seems to have been overlooked here. Instead, potential buyers are directed to this site from the 90s. For the sake of comparison, take a look at the website built for the home JLO's rumored to be purchasing. The difference in quality between the two is impossible not to notice. One befits the efforts to sell a $20M piece of property. The other only detracts from what would otherwise be a strong listing. We're curious to know what Curbed readers think. Does 89 Lily Pond's website actually do more harm than good? Or are we making a mountain out of flash-based molehill? Let us know in the comments.

· Listing: 89 Lily Pond Lane [WB May]