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Big Reveal: How Much For This Bayfront Modern in Bridgehampton?

Location: Midocean Drive, Bridgehampton (South of the Highway)
Asking: $10,975,000

Curbed readers seemed more interested in debating whether or not this place would wash away in the next big storm than taking a guess at its price. Of the few commenters that did offer a number, the closest one was off by $1M: "They will ask $10. Million - my guess. They will settle for $8.5, probably." Shockingly, this is the first time commenters have overvalued a home. "1.6 acres and a house in that condition can easily fetch 16+MM," guessed one commenter. "Amazing location, amazing house. Probably $15mm," guessed another.

Curbed's resident novelty account?Cedar_Gambrel?also weighed in: "If only it had a Gambrel roof and some cedar shingles! Until then, I'd rather live in my Range Rover."

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